Beyond Intuition, a Framework for Applying GPs to Real-World Data

Authors: Kenza Tazi, Jihao Andreas Lin, Ross Viljoen, Alex Gardner, Ti John, Hong Ge, Richard E. Turner

Accepted at the 1st ICML Workshop on Structured Probabilistic Inference and Generative Modelling (2023)
License: CC BY 4.0

Abstract: Gaussian Processes (GPs) offer an attractive method for regression over small, structured and correlated datasets. However, their deployment is hindered by computational costs and limited guidelines on how to apply GPs beyond simple low-dimensional datasets. We propose a framework to identify the suitability of GPs to a given problem and how to set up a robust and well-specified GP model. The guidelines formalise the decisions of experienced GP practitioners, with an emphasis on kernel design and options for computational scalability. The framework is then applied to a case study of glacier elevation change yielding more accurate results at test time.

Submitted to arXiv on 06 Jul. 2023

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